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Monday, August 11, 2014

Article by mydailyregister,com

POINT PLEASANT — The West Virginia Development Office sponsored a round table discussion on economic development this week at the Marshall University Mid-Ohio Valley Center with local officials and residents of Mason County attending.

Mason County Commission President Rick Handley welcomed the visitors from the state development office and all those in attendance with opening remarks on behalf of himself, Commissioners Miles Epling, Tracy Doolittle and County Administrator John Gerlach.

“We are proud Mason Countians but, like many others places in West Virginia, we have seen better days,” Handley said. “We have lost a few manufacturing facilities and a chemical plant in the past several decades, and are about to lose a power plant next June with the Philip Sporn Power plant shutting down. As bad as it may seem, we remain positive and want to showcase our county. We know the potential our county has.”

When speaking about the challenges West Virginia faces in terms of economic development, an educated workforce was one of the main stumbling blocks, this according to Keith Burdette of the WV Development Office.

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