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Why Data Centers Are Choosing Iowa

Friday, June 27, 2014

Article by Iowa Public Radio

Data centers store digital information off site from a company’s headquarters.  In the past couple years tech giants Google, Facebook and Microsoft have all announced plans for new facilities in Iowa.  

John Rath blogs for Data Center Knowledge and works as a facilities manager for OneNeck IT Solutions in Cedar Falls. He says one advantage Iowa to building in Iowa is a low incidence natural disasters.

“You want to build however you can avoid that (natural disasters) and have your facility maintain its up time. If you look at maps, Iowa has a very low risk. Tornado is about the only thing and you can build to mintage that.”

Rath’s OneNeck office--a sort of hotel for digital information--can withstand an F4 tornado.  Regardless of the weather in Cedar Falls, clients from around the Midwest have access.

Iowa has some of the cheapest electricity in the U.S. Since electricity is a data center’s biggest bill, Iowa State economist Dave Swenson says the state's a logical choice when tech companies are looking to expand.

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