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USF Network Offers Access to Support at Small Business Development Center

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Article by The Ledger

When David Shahin purchased Mulberry-based Flow Components and Equipment Supply in 2005, he knew enough to know he didn't know everything about his new business.

But with 24 years of technology experience — having most recently served as director of information technology for an international company — and a master's degree in business management/leadership, he figured he had the knowledge he needed.

"I bought a business I really knew nothing about," Shahin, president of Flow Components, said. "I was pretty confident that with my background I could manage people, but I needed assistance in areas I was not as familiar with — business-to-business marketing, finance, sales, taxes, inventory. All these areas that as an employer or business owner you don't normally deal with. I had to have background and knowledge in all these areas."

So he did what any successful entrepreneur would do and sought professional assistance.

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