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Old World Adopting Technology To Improve Services, Cut Consumption, & Save Cash

Monday, June 02, 2014

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Article by Clean Technica

Europe may be the Old World, but it seems the continent’s most-storied cities are ahead of the New World – namely, North America – in adopting technology aimed at improving municipal services, reducing consumption and saving money.

That’s according to a recent New York Times story about how investments including neighborhood-wide high-speed Internet, trash collection and electric vehicle charging stations are reshaping Europe’s metropolises as “smart cities.”

According to one research service, there’s big money here, with the smart cities market growing to more than $1.2 trillion annually by 2019.

But what’s a smart city? A lot of things, actually, revolving around a continuum of interconnected intelligent devices – the “Internet of Things” – to save energy, reduce congestion, trim emissions and cut consumption of scarce resources, while arming citizens with information to make good decisions.

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