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Orem economic development gets boost from website

Friday, May 30, 2014

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Article by Daily Herald

OREM -- Like flowers in the spring, businesses in Orem are blossoming and popping up all over. The city that seems to have been in a winter sleep for the past few years is waking up with a flurry of new restaurants and companies coming into town.

"We anticipate continued success in our economic development efforts with the development of a new website, a great economic development team, and the redevelopment of the University Mall," said Steven Downs, city spokesman. 

Downs is referring to, an extensive new website that helps companies looking to locate in Orem, allows existing businesses to be showcased in a directory, and offers a commercial real estate guide. The general public will find access to city demographics and other information on new developments and businesses coming to town.

"Our old website was for CEDO [the Community Economic Development Organization] and there was not much information," said Ryan Clark, the city's economic development division manager.

Clark said the city's new website went live Wednesday. It is also part of a potential group of sites from various cities that will link to the new Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce website.

Golden Shovel is the website design company that has put Orem on the economic map while also developing for the chamber.

"Our two sites talk and share with each other," Clark said.

"We had a soft launch of our website May 5," said Donna Milakovec, the chamber's executive vice president. "It will be a regional website that will coordinate with other cities later."

Now Orem businesses can go online to the site, register and link their information as a way to promote themselves and Orem.

Click here to visit the site!

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