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New renewable energy portal educates visitors to the Redwood Area Development Corporation website

Friday, October 25, 2013

Article Submitted by: Annette Bair   |   Southwest Region   |   Clean Energy Resource Teams


The Redwood Area Development Corporation (RADC) developed a new website with a renewable energy portal on the homepage.

Julie Rath with RADC is excited about the new site and content: “Having the portal right on the homepage will open up opportunities for citizens and businesses to find easier access to the tool they need for their own projects, energy rebates, funding sources, etc.”

Posting of actual stories and the energy portal have helped to increase the awareness of CERTs, the GreenStep Cities Program, and other energy-related programs that communities and residents may not have been aware of. Along with the energy portal, postings on Facebook and Twitter have been highlighting energy projects in Redwood County. This marketing of information will help to spark interest in these initiatives and help to promote energy conservation in southwest Minnesota. “I know the website is working as I am receiving calls from people I have not heard from before,” said Julie Rath.

Under the Renewable Energy Resources page, there is information regarding energy at home and on the farm, Redwood County ag statistics, renewable energy (including biomass, ethanol, and wind), energy incentives and resources, CERTs, energy education links, and energy in school. This broad spectrum of resources helps to keep the area up to date on everything energy.

The RADC website update was possible through a collaboration of funding from Alliant Energy, Southwest Initiative Foundation, Redwood County EDA, and Southwest CERT. Click here to visit the renewable energy section of the RADC website”:

Project Snapshot:

  • Location: Redwood County
  • Focus: Education
  • People Involved & Reached: 885
  • Total Cost: $13,000
  • CERTs Funding: $5,000

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