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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Article by The News Virginian

Sometimes we can’t immediately see the end results of our hard work. A play practiced in September may turn out to score the game-winning touchdown in January. A speech given at a July debate may be what helps win the November election. It’s the same way with economic development.

In today’s paper, we look at what it takes to recruit businesses to this area. In this current economy, a big part of recruitment is dealing with site selectors, people hired by corporations to advise on new construction and relocating.

These site selectors sit down with dozens, if not hundreds of economic development people representing cities and counties. Those representatives can change anytime new officials are elected. Even if the people stay the same, if their bosses want to focus on another area, they’ll switch course. So when sitting down to discuss an area, doesn’t it make sense to have an edge, something that sets your group apart?

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