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Great River Energy is a generation and transmission cooperative that provides power to 28 distributive member cooperatives. The Economic Gateway connects the cooperatives together into an economic development communication network creating a strong presence in Minnesota.


Golden Shovel utilized its Economic Gateway system to build a regional web portal.  The portal networked the Great River Economic Development site with 28 cooperative sites, each matching the respective brands. All of the economic development tools built into the Gateway were provided to each of the sites. Additionally, Golden Shovel developed a projects directory tool to highlight economic development successes and better showcase the impact Great River Energy has on Minnesota Economic Development. The GateKeeper service stays in monthly communication to support the flow of important news and information throughout the portal.

“I have been working with Golden Shovel Agency to build an economic development portal for Great River Energy and our 28 member co-ops. The economic development-focused tools and software as part of our website solution will not only help Great River Energy promote our economic development online, but will also provide focused websites for our co-ops to promote their economic development efforts for rural Minnesota. The team at Golden Shovel Agency customizes their solution to meet the individual needs of their clients. The professionalism, attention to detail, and customer service that Golden Shovel provides is outstanding.”

~Tom Lambrecht, Great River Energy




























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