Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation

Project Description

The Iowa Lakes Region is a hotbed of opportunity for businesses, workers, and people looking to relocate and build a career and start a family. Golden Shovel Agency worked with the Iowa Lakes Corridor staff to match a new look and feel to the region.  The result is a stunning website packed full of resources for people investigating the area.


Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation is a long-time client and our design and content team is very familiar with their needs and goals. And, part of our commitment for our clients is to provide a website redesign every three years. The redesign gave our team an opportunity to offer a fresh look to the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation website, and to amplify their business retention and workforce attraction efforts.

"Golden Shovel showed exceptional customer service and execution throughout our website’s redesign process. Darren Varley traveled to our offices to meet with us personally and discuss our vision for the redesign. The result was a streamlined process that resulted in a sharp redesign that gives users a great experience."

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