We've made a commitment to stay on top of economic development trends and technologies. We take that seriously. In that same spirit, Golden Shovel Agency frequently conducts online webinars.

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Golden Shovel's training webinars focus on best practices in using social media and the Economic gateway. Training webinars are led by GateKeeper representatives.

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"Organic Economic Development and Permitting Assistance" 


While many successful economic development efforts hinge on public participation in a major capital project or assemblage, there’s an untapped reserve of economic potential that are frequently overlooked: entrepreneurs. Each year more than half a million new businesses are formed. These new employers are a key element to creating strong communities, but often their first interface with local government relies upon the tools of a different era. Those tools are costing cities too much money, and too many opportunities.

Today’s entrepreneurs can take advantage of a wide array of amazing consumer technologies to get their ventures off the ground, from LegalZoom to Quickbooks. OpenCounter brings that easy online experience -- and cost advantage -- to City Hall, allowing entrepreneurs to concentrate on their primary purpose, starting and scaling businesses and creating jobs. In the last 4 years, working with innovative cities across the nation, including Boston, Orlando, Charlotte, San Diego, Indianapolis, Palo Alto, SLC and OpenCounter has brought clarity and convenience to one of the biggest political challenges any City Manager faces, commercial permitting and economic development.

In this webinar, presented by Peter Koht, Co-Owner of OpenCounter, we’ll share statistics and case studies from each of these communities and how their efforts to make these processes more transparent and digital have led to higher levels of service and efficiency.

Peter is a civics nerd. An experienced economic development professional, most recently Peter worked for the City of Santa Cruz. He worked on a number of issues at the City, from leading a regional broadband policy group to opening up City data to spearheading policy initiatives that lowered administrative barriers to job creation.

The session will be May 24th at 11 am - 12 pm CST and you can attend at no charge, but space is limited and registration is required. Save your seat today!



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The below are some of the sessions we previously hosted and presented. We have them on file and available to you upon request. Please get in touch with us to get a copy of the presentation and access to the recording. Just send an email to vperez@goldenshovelagency.com to get your own copy.

  • "New Normal in Retail Development" - Presented by Lacy Beasley, VP of Business Development at Retail Strategies.
  • "From Many Small Seeds: Community Based Economic Development" - Presented by Peter Koht, Co-Owner at OpenCounter.
  • "How communities can position themselves to attract new ventures without using traditional incentives" - Presented by Justin Erickson, Principal at Community Venture Network.
  • "Ten trends impacting your economic development efforts and how you can benefit from them" - Presented by Dean Whittaker, President & CEO at Whittaker Associates, Inc.
  • "The new economic development strategy" - Presented by Golden Shovel Agency and Barclay Sebree Solutions.
  • "10 most important trends in economic development marketing online" - Presented by Golden Shovel Agency and GIS Planning.
  • "Measuring the impact of changes in the economy" - Presented by Paul Hendershot, Economic Account Executive at IMPLAN.
  • "Key trends for Economic Development Websites in 2016" - Presented by Alissa Sklar, Director of Marketing at GIS Planning and Aaron Brossoit, Golden Shovel's CEO.
  • "The Importance of Integrating CRM For Economic Developers" - Presented by Todd Smithee, President of Conrin, Inc
  • "How to Increase Your Success Securing Grants" - Presented by Michelle Landsverk, President of Landsverk & Associates, Inc.
  • "Impact Analysis: A Tool for Building Support for Your Economic Development Deal" - Presented by Paul Scheuren, Principal of Impact DataSource


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