10,000 Skilled Workers in East Kentucky Ready for Work

Monday, November 14, 2016

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By Aaron Brossoit

The lack of skilled workers is a story too often told over and over in the United States. But in East Kentucky a different story is unfolding. In East Kentucky manufacturing companies are presented with an abundance of skilled laborers who possess highly sought technical skills. The 10,000 strong laborers in East Kentucky are skilled, dependable, and ready to work.

The coal industry has been laying workers off for the last three years. Workers who work hard and are technically skilled. The coal miners of East Kentucky possess welding, soldering, molding, electrical and industrial truck and tractor operating skills. Additionally, they are problem solvers who have learned how to overcome challenges while on the job.

“When a coal miner was on the job deep in the mine and a technical problem arises, that worker had to rely on all of their skills to fix the problem,” said Chuck Sexton of One East Kentucky. “All those skills they have learned are now at the worker’s disposal for their next job.”

One East Kentucky recognizes the worker potential and is leading the charge to recruit jobs and investment to the nine counties in Kentucky’s beautiful Appalachian region. Chuck Sexton, CEO of One East Kentucky, champions the economy, provides business support and advocates for the coal miners who built the region.

This beautiful area of Kentucky has a labor force opportunity that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the county. I speak at many conferences about the value of a highly skilled workforce and how to be attractive as a community. Kentucky has solved that problem--it is an incredible region with a strong, humble workforce.

With a population over 230,000 the nine-county region is driven by unmatched determination and steeped in traditions. The treasured mountain music and state-of-the art entertainment and business conference amenities highlight the quality of life that accompanies the workforce. Aerospace, automotive, and other parts manufacturing will find a strong suite of business incentives and available property in the East Kentucky Region.

A growing manufacturing company that is looking for rapid expansion should strongly consider the One East Kentucky area, it is certainly an area worth the visit and consideration for site selectors.

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