Revitalize Small-Town America by Focusing on the Future of Work

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

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By Aaron Brossoit

There is a small-town focus and rural resurgence underfoot these days. Some censuses data suggests that many young professionals who are able to work from a mobile location are looking for the quality of life offered in many small towns across the United States.

Not surprising is that workers who can move are moving. According to an report, “the U.S. mobile worker population will surpass 105 million by 2020” with healthcare worrkers representing the largest segment of the 105 million.  For towns who are looking to replace an aging workforce population, the transient mobile workers should not be overlooked.

Golden Shovel Agency has been watching this trend and is pleased to host an Expert Webinar on November 9th to look further in the mobile worker revolution. Dean Whittaker, President/CEO of Whittaker Associates, will be hosting the 60-minute webinar and he will discuss how towns can create, nurture, and support the mobile workforce engine.

Mr. Whittaker offers real strategies backed with hard evidence for communities. At Golden Shovel we always strive to introduce progressive ideas and solutions for economic developers, Mr. Whittaker’s webinar certainly fits our high standard of Expert Webinars and we hope you can attend.  

Small towns are the perfect location for freelance workers to reside. The quality of life in small towns is a perfect fit for mobile workers who are looking to raise their families and work at home.

Please register for Revitalize Small-Town America by Focusing on the Future of Work on Nov 9, 2016 at 9:00 AM CST at:

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