How Economic Developers Can Compete with Funny Cat Videos

Monday, September 25, 2017

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Funny cat videos dominate the internet and each video seems to tickle the emotions of viewers. According to the Huffington Post, research at Indiana University Media School by assistant professor Jessica Gall Myrick found that respondents felt happier after watching animal videos and experienced less anxiety and sadness. This research begs the question: How can economic developers compete with the antidepressant effects of cat videos?

Video works. Over 80% of internet traffic is video. The average internet viewer wants to consume information, but they want to get the message quickly. So when you present a viewer with a compelling video about your community you deliver your message in a way that suits their impatient browsing nature.

In less than 45 seconds a video can deliver a message much more efficiently than a 500 or 750 word blog. And the images stay with the viewer.

How to get started?

Pick an experienced company who is able to produce a quality video. Every smartphone has the ability to create cool videos, but not every person running a smartphone can capture the emotion and environment correctly.

The person who creates your video should thoroughly understand the art of economic development storytelling. Your video needs promote your community’s people and assets to get the attention of site selectors and business owners. A successful video has the right mix of artistry and marketing to create a powerful impression.

Consider a 360 VR video to give viewers a full experience

Virtual reality is the up-and-coming technology. The ability to give viewers a first-person experience of your community is powerful and will leave an undeniable impression. That lasting impression will compel people to think about your community long after the video has ended.

Studies reveal that behind cat videos and pranking videos on YouTube viewers watch first-person gaming videos--videos where people can experience an environment. People are drawn to sensory enhanced experiences. Use this to your advantage to create a video that engages views and invites them to hear and feel the story you are telling.

Your video will increase your search engine ranking

Google’s algorithm prioritizes answering people’s questions and matching people with the content they desire. One of the best ways of measuring whether or not a question was answered is if the visitor likes and shares the content. Create an impressionable video that is shared and watch your traffic and rankings improve.

Since videos can deliver content quickly and effectively, with emotion, viewers may be more compelled to share the video. If they have a positive experience with your video, they will share it with their friends and colleagues.

Get noticed with video

We are visual people and video captures people’s attention. While economic developers cannot compete with cats and people pranking each other, they can create a video that invokes emotion.

More than ever people are looking at their screens to pass the time. Think of the site selector or business owner waiting in line at the grocery store or at the bank. They are probably browsing the internet and viewing content. All it takes is 10 seconds with a good video to capture their attention and make a memorable impression.

That 10 seconds could result in a couples of likes or shares or possibly a phone call that leads to a meeting with a prospective business looking to build in your community. That is something  funny cat videos cannot offer.

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