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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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By Golden Shovel Agency

The world as we know it is an ever changing place, we have continuously changing technology, the way we communicate, and how we build communities. Golden Shovel Agency has designed groundbreaking technology tailored to fit the needs of ED agencies. During the Texas Economic Development Council’s Mid-Year Conference, Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel will be presenting on this technology, and how it impacts the ever changing economic landscape.

Throughout the presentation Aaron will share techniques to guide economic development professionals towards a winning online workforce and business attraction strategy. He will share success stories from the one hundred and forty projects Golden Shovel Agency has successfully launched.  Participants can expect to hear of key components required in an effective online strategy.

Relationships first, everything else second: What’s the one thing stakeholders want to do when relocating their business or attracting a workforce? They want a connection. Your workforce or business attraction needs to connect to people at a personal level. A level that is intimate, not generic.

Tell YOUR story: Connecting with the right audience means developing the right content. Communities need to own their story and to make sure the narrative is presented over and over. If a community isn’t prepared to tell their story, then the narrative will be lost to all the misinformation that is presented on the internet.

Recognize business: Nothing speaks louder than someone else speaking for you. Testimonials, success stories, and member support go a long way in providing an extra connection point to the target audience. Social media is fueled by people sharing – ask your network to share your story and reciprocate the kindness by sharing their story.

We invite you to follow along with us as we continue to help Economic Development agencies shape their online economic focus. Our presentation at TEDC will dive further into these strategies. And, Aaron will have an exciting company announcement to share during the conference.

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Golden Shovel Agency.

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