Mills County, IA Launches Powerful New Online Marketing Strategy and Website

Monday, May 15, 2017

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Glenwood, IA - Today, Mills County announced the launch of their new economic development website.  After a recent reorganization, the Mills County Economic Development Foundation hired Rick Allely as the new Economic Development Director.  One of Allely’s first priorities was to initiate a user-friendly economic development website directed towards business growth and economic development.

Allely, with thirty years in the development industry, hired Golden Shovel Agency to create an effective online presence and social media marketing strategy highlighting the available building sites and business incentives.

Site selectors, business owners and existing community members will find the website to be user-friendly and rich in economic development resources. The website is the first step in a powerful workforce and business attraction online strategy. The next phase of the marketing strategy will highlight Mills County through social media narratives.

Allely stated, “We intend to populate the site with key information about our county, communities, region, and specific development opportunities.  For example, new industrial or business park site characteristics and business assistance programs are just a few of the items we will have available on the site.”  Allely noted the site will be changing regularly as sites become available, sites are sold, communities create new programs, and happenings around the county occur.  MCEDF will complement the website with interactions on LinkedIn and Facebook.

In his role as Economic Development Director, Southwest Iowa native Rick Allely plans to modernize the economic development effort of Mills County.  His experience spans site selection & design, project finance, business recruitment & retention, project coordination and consensus building, creation of strategic partnerships and many other engineering, construction, community planning, and development related skills.

Golden Shovel CEO, Aaron Brossoit is quick to praise the efforts of Allely and the Mills County online marketing efforts, “Rick is well known in the industry and his online marketing efforts will grab people’s attention.”

Known for their creative energy and ability to initiate key partnerships, Golden Shovel Agency leverages their economic development expertise and design talent with the expertise of professional developers such as Rick Allely.  Golden Shovel has assisted over 140 communities and organizations across North America to shape and tell their stories in order to strengthen the vitality of their regional economies.

The new Mills County economic development website offers citizens, existing businesses, prospective businesses, residential and commercial developers, site selectors, and key partners access to valuable information.  Allely a recognized International Economic Development Council Certified Economic Development (CEcD) professional, began his new role on July 1, 2016 and is engaging all areas of Mills County, both rural and urban, in the establishment and implementation of future growth initiatives.

The Mills County Economic Development Foundation Board of Directors includes Larry Winum, Alan DeBolt, Kate McGann, Lonnie Mayberry, Devin Embray, Mark Lincoln, David Hughes, Dave Blum, Chad McCollester, Craig Haganau, Mary Gunderson, Ashley Hendrix, Carol Robertson, David Sieck, Trudy Johannsen, and Mike Fastenau.  

Allely stated, “I’m excited to work with the people, businesses, and government entities throughout all of Mills County and look forward to initiating family-friendly economic development.  I am a ‘boots on the ground, get out and engage the people’ kind of guy.  This website is a new opportunity for the county to share what makes our communities, businesses, and overall quality of life attractive to newcomers and interested investors.”

Please feel free to contact us if our team can be of assistance to your community or business.  For additional information on Mills County’s new economic development focus, Allely can be reached at 712-302-7010 or the MCEDF office at 403 Railroad Avenue Glenwood, Iowa.

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