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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

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January 01, 2013 5:30 pm  • 

The NGage economic development group took an important step in increasing its public visibility this week when the group’s new website went live.

NGage Executive Director Bill Demuth said the goal of was to create a database of information that is easy for prospective and current businesses to navigate.

“We didn’t want to make it really cluttered,” Demuth said. “For new business, we talk a little bit about why they should think about Gage County. Without having (a website) you’re going to miss some opportunities because if people are interested in your county or community, it’s a natural step for anymore to try to identify with that area.”

Among the items available on the website, which was created by the Golden Shovel Agency, are a list of current businesses in the county and listings of commercial property available.

A total cost for the website was unavailable, though NGage’s last income and expense report featured a line item of $10,500 for half of NGage’s website development fee.

One aspect of the website that Demuth said few other communities offer is a page where perspective small businesses can fill out a form online with their basic information and business plan to begin the startup process.

“It’s just another way to make the website more efficient for us to reduce time you would have to initially spend on a project,” Demuth said. “The site is not really cluttered, but it’s very functional.”

Along the top of the website’s main page is a scrolling display of Gage County businesses and places. These images will be rotated with new features being introduced to highlight some of the county’s highlights.

“What we wanted to do is demonstrate we have industry here,” Demuth said. “Initially, we wanted some with a good appearance and we certainly think the Homestead picture is something that Beatrice and Gage County is known for on a national basis.

“We wanted to think what would be recognized by many if they saw it. Koch Industries, for example, is one of the largest private industries in the world, so if someone sees that company, they’re going to recognize that.”

As new images are selected to be posted on the website, Demuth said NGage is looking for photos that depict an accurate description of the area.

“We’ll continue to look for photos to put in there that portray Gage County and Beatrice in a positive way, but also not in a misleading way,” Demuth said. “We are what we are. We’re not going to try and look like Lincoln, but at the same time not going to look like a community in the middle of nowhere. We’re going to use positive pictures and things that display growth and investment.

“We would encourage everyone in the area to look at it many times and please give us feedback. We know we’re not perfect at this and there’s always room for improvement.”

Article from the Beatrice Daily Sun  |  By Scott Koperski

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