Cambridge, MN Launches Upgraded Online Web Solution

Saturday, December 15, 2012

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December 5, 2012, CAMBRIDGE,MN - The city of Cambridge, Minnesota, its Economic Development Division, and Golden Shovel Agency have teamed up together to launch an online web solution, Economic Gateway. The purpose of the website is to raise awareness of the area of Cambridge, MN and all that it has to offer to its residents, current and future business enterprises, and site selectors. The new site can be viewed at

John Marshall, Vice President of Business Development at Golden Shovel explains that “Cambridge has taken a very progressive step in partnering with Golden Shovel to promote their city. Our unique process of blending cutting edge software, an online communications strategy and unparalleled customer service to tell a region’s story online will assist in providing the residents of Cambridge with the type of website that will be a valuable resource for them."

Established in 1866, the City of Cambridge has a strong tradition of successful business and technological advances. It was given its name by settlers from New England, even though the area was already a haven for Swedish immigrants. The City of Cambridge was populated with individuals who brought from their homeland a strong work ethic, which facilitated first-class business facilities and factories including a potato starch factory, a flouring mill, a wool carding and spinning mill, an electric lighting plant, and local and long-distance telephone systems all in place by the early 1900s. This progressive area thrives on innovation and hard work and has grown from a city of 258 to a projected population of over 8,000. It is still one of the most desirable locations in the region, over 100 years after its christening.

Lynda J. Woulfe, City Administrator for Cambridge explains the upgrade to their website. “Cambridge strives to stay on the cutting edge to serve our citizens, business community, retail partners, and investors looking to build here. That is why it was so important to upgrade our website with Golden Shovel and utilize the economic gateway model. It provides a cutting edge website at a reasonable price point.” states Woulfe.

About the City of Cambridge Economic Development Division
A goal of the Economic Development Division is to protect and enhance the quality of life for the City of Cambridge residents in a stable, sustainable local economy. The purpose of the Economic Development Division is to retain existing businesses in the community and assist them in expanding their facilities, while attracting new companies. The division also disperses information about incentive programs such as JOBZ and Tax Increment Financing.

About Economic Gateway
Economic Gateway is a revolutionary new economic development Web system that brings Greater America online quickly at an affordable price. Because the system employs a SaaS subscription model upgrades will continually occur as they are developed. As such, there will be no need to update the Web site or site selector tool in the future – it will always be state-of-the-art, saving organizations both time and money.

About Golden Shovel Agency
Golden Shovel Agency views economic development as a creative endeavor, critical for a region or community to attract and retain businesses. They bring over 10 years of experience combining web technology and design expertise to present communities in their best light. At Golden Shovel, they employ the latest trends and keep their clients ahead of the curve.

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