Attracting Workers With An SEO Strategy

Monday, October 10, 2016

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By Aaron Brossoit

They can’t come unless they know you exist. Attracting workers is the hottest trend in economic development. Every community I talk to needs more highly-trained workers to fill open jobs. So where do you start in a workforce attraction strategy?

Your community should start where the workers are looking: social media, mobile apps, and websites. Workers today are highly mobile and not afraid to use technology to sift through opportunities. And, a Google or Bing search is still the main starting point for people to find communities. A solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is a good first step to attract workers.  Here are five tips to begin your SEO strategy.

  1. Content is King. Make sure your current content is up to date and relevant.  Too often economic development or community websites become stagnant or outdated. If your website doesn’t have dynamic content, the search engines won’t rank you well.
  2. Social Media Content Feeds the Engine. Search engines are trying to match relevant sites to the user’s search.  The closer the engine can fulfil the user’s request the happier the user will be. So by reposting your website on social media channels you emphasize your content to the search engines and become more relevant.
  3. Mobile Device Friendly. Workers live on their handheld devices.  If your site doesn’t fit well on a mobile device, don’t expect to receive good rankings from a search engine. In today’s media market, mobile is critical.
  4. Keywords and Metatags. Your site needs to accurately reflect its intent and description.  Don’t try to “trick” the search engines. Instead put in the time and effort to correctly update your site tags and keyword descriptions.
  5. Check Your Progress. Regularly check on the progress of your search engine rankings. Use Yahoo, Google, and Bing to see how each search engine is ranking your sites. You can’t have progress unless you measure the results.

Obtaining and holding a strong position on the search engine list is time-consuming and hard work, but in the end getting the top spot is worth all the energy and effort. And remember, workers cannot come to your community until they can find you on the Internet.

Good luck!


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