New Mexico Chamber of Commerce: Keeping up with the future takes work

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Article by Ruidoso News

"Not all change is good, but all change is change," said Chuck Ewert, keynote speaker for the New Mexico Chamber Executive Association conference in Ruidoso this week.

Ewer, who has been a faculty member of the Institute for Organization Management through the United States Chamber of Commerce since 1991, has been in the chamber world since 1979. He has been involved in economic development and organization management and has served as the chief executive officer for chambers of commerce in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Ewert talked about the rapid rates of change in the world and how chambers of commerce and businesses don't know what is next, but must embrace whatever it is.

"Change is the only constant," he said. "We will succumb to 'innovator fade-away' if we do not make the appropriate changes."

Every four years, the current population of America, approximately 318 million people, is added to the planet, Ewert said. This has brought the world to 7.256 billion as of Aug. 20. That's almost four times the population in 1930.

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