The Power of Business Through Broadband Technology

Friday, March 14, 2014

Article by KNOP-TV

Entrepreneurs, businesses and those in the industry learned the latest in broadband technology.

UNL Extension Educator for Logan, Lincoln, and McPherson Counties Brenda Aufdenkamp said, "Larger businesses are already on board. But even to be an entrepreneur and to start up a small business and having access to the Internet is huge."

On Wednesday, the University of Nebraska Lincoln and the Nebraska Public Service Commission partnered for a broadband technology fair.

The fair is oone of eight being held throughout the state in the coming weeks.

"Lieutenant Governor Lavon Heidemann’s news release went out yesterday commending some of the surveys that have come in from people using the broadband initiative. It showed a ten fold impact that the Internet is having on local businesses and our local economic development all throughout the state of Nebraska. So technology and broadband support is critical," said Aufdenkamp.

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