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Monday, April 29, 2013

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Central Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation (CAREDF) in partnership with Golden Shovel Agency is proud to announce the launch of an economic development website designed to highlight the economic benefits of doing business in the region.

Pinal County, located along Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Tucson, has a lot to offer. Suburban sprawl from both cities has spread into the county and this accelerated growth has resulted in an invaluable resource: a large and skilled workforce of over 500,000. Despite growth, the communities in the area remain small enough and maintain a pro-business attitude so that local businesses are highly-valued and have ready access to resources and government officials. This includes streamlined permits, assistance on expediting the location process, tax incentives and other resources that require a personal touch not as easily found in larger communities.

In order to find these resources, site selectors and expanding businesses will be able to utilize the new economic development website created and designed by Golden Shovel Agency. Some of its features include a community profiles module, a GIS site selection tool that allows businesses to look at zoning, utilities, sizes and prices of available real estate, a list of available incentives and loans, and local business contacts.

Matt Marshall, Director of Sales for Golden Shovel Agency believes that “Central Arizona REDF has taken a very progressive step in partnering with Golden Shovel to promote their region. Our unique process of blending cutting edge software, an online communications strategy and unparalleled customer service to tell a region’s story online will assist in attracting new business and families to the area.”

Lisa Tacker, Director of Finance at CAREDF, explains the hands-on guidance they received in working with Golden Shovel on local development goals: “From the time we first contacted Golden Shovel Agency, through this day, the team has been incredible. Matt Marshall was very professional and always available to answer any questions that arose. The Development Team and Joni Anderson were truly instrumental in giving our team the skills to manipulate the data on our new website. Everyone has been very patient and always a phone call away when we couldn’t seem to figure something out. They went above and beyond in more ways than one to ensure that CAREDF was always taken care of. Our relationship with Golden Shovel Agency may have begun as a business relationship but today we feel like they are a part of our team."

View Pinal County’s cutting-edge approach to economic development at


CAREDF is a regional partnership between the public and private sectors whose purpose is to improve and promote the economies of Casa Grande, Coolidge, Eloy and Pinal County. The organization is funded through memberships from the public and private sectors. The organization was established in 1984 as an IRS designated 501 (c)(6) non-profit corporation, a business membership organization. With a dedicated staff of economic development professionals, CAREDF is ready to assist industries in the location, expansion or development of new business opportunities.

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