Little Falls, MN Launches Community Website To Engage Residents

Monday, May 08, 2017

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By Aaron Brossoit

Along the banks of the Mississippi in central Minnesota there is a surge of excitement for engaging community websites. The City of  Little Falls, MN has just launched its new community-focused website.

The previous website was difficult to search and not palatable to residents so the city council sought a new website redesign prioritizing community engagement. This newly launched site gives residents a user-friendly, helpful interface that is searchable.

“We needed an easy site to update so the information would be always be relevant to our residents,” said City Administrator Jon Radermacher. “For example, the resource library will be really important to store, find, and navigate files. It is our ‘hub of information’.”

To reach the aggressive website goals, Little Falls City Council chose the award-winning, national economic development communication firm Golden Shovel Agency. The firm currently serves communities in 22 states and is a leading full-service marketing company.

“It has been exciting to work with Jon and the staff in Little Falls,” expressed Golden Shovel CEO Aaron Brossoit. “From the very beginning, the goal of serving the residents of Little Falls was clearly expressed, and we are excited to deliver a visually-stunning, but fully functioning web portal for Little Falls.”

Another important module for Jon Radermacher is the community submission tool. This module will allow residents to submit photos and be part of the creative process.

“By giving residents access to the community submission tool, we are offering ownership of the website to all the Little Falls residents,” said Radermacher. “This new website really is a powerful community resource!”

Residents can access the website at

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