Irvine Chamber Creates Multiple Websites to Engage Key Audiences

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

By Aaron Brossoit

In June of 2015, Golden Shovel Agency launched the Irvine Chamber Economic Development site ( This project was developed under the leadership of Linda DiMario, the Vice-President of Economic Development and Tourism for the Irvine Chamber Economic Development organization.

In January of 2017, Laura Perdew, Director of Communications for the Irvine Chamber, presented us with an aggressive challenge: “Can you launch an additional, comprehensive website, to complement the economic development site for our existing businesses and chamber members?  AND, can you do it in 30 days?”

Thirty days later, Golden Shovel Agency announced the launch of the Irvine Chamber website. As I reflect on the successful launch, I am proud of our team for meeting the aggressive goals. I am grateful to Laura Perdew and the Irvine Chamber staff for being responsive and articulate as we incorporated a new brand into the design.

“The decision to go with Golden Shovel Agency for the rebuild and rebrand of the Greater Irvine Chamber’s website was the right choice. They were able to deliver on a very tight timeline and with exacting design and functionality requirements,” said Laura Perdew, director of communications, Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce. “Golden Shovel was extremely responsive throughout the transition. They collaborated with our other service vendors to make the transition seamless. We’re thrilled with our new website and the ongoing support we’re receiving from Golden Shovel.”

Irvine has competitive advantages in multiple areas: existing business growth, global attraction, skilled labor force, and tourism. We had to keep a strong focus on the chamber audience and how it differs from the economic development audience or the tourists. Although related, they only have one chance to make the best first impression.

The strategy for communities like Irvine is to build the sites for the individual audiences. For example, Irvine Economic Development is designed to speak to site selectors, business owners and entrepreneurs that are considering moving or growing in Irvine. The Irvine Chamber is membership based and focused on providing support to the many member businesses in the region with member information, networking opportunities and support.

Too often a single website dilutes the marketing message and is spread too thin across multiple audiences. The Irvine Chamber and Irvine Chamber Economic Development teams shared the messages, but the messages were directed with focused websites.

This resulted in a coordinated online presence and marketing strategy that showcases the success stories of the Irvine Chamber and leverages their communication efforts towards workforce attraction, business attraction, and international business growth. The Irvine Chamber business and economic development foundation is a launching point for strategic websites attracting business startups, international businesses and other targeted microsites.

The successful launch of the Irvine Chamber site and the Irvine Chamber Economic Development is a powerful reflection of the economic strength of the Irvine, California area. We are proud to be part of their success.


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