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Advance SEO for Economic Developers: A Look Behind the Curtain


Advanced SEO involves a complex process that begins with a content strategy. Ultimately, the goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is for a website to pull up at the top of an organic search.

With so many websites available, Google spiders have to crawl websites to determine what they are about and then to determine if a site is authoritative/valuable or not. This allows them to make an instant determination as to which site is going to be provide someone with the information they are search for. So, what matters when it comes to SEO?

  • Content is king when it comes to SEO
  • Linking matters
  • Staying relevant and engaging your audience.

In the past, people paid for an SEO service and it would place backlinks to their website all over the web. These dark SEO tactics were frowned upon by Google and now sites are punished for this. That makes it critical that anyone paying for SEO, knows what they are getting and only works with reputable marketing companies.

Golden Shovel Agency will demystify advance SEO and share content strategies on this free webinar.

You can attend at no charge but space is limited. Save your seat today!



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